Gold Bars Worldwide was established in 2007 to support the promotion of gold worldwide.

Although no longer updated, it remains an important source of information on widely-traded gold bars and the world’s leading gold refiners.

For dealers, investors, fabricators, refiners, mining companies, central banks, associations and others with an interest in the international gold market.

In addition, the site offers extensive information on the world’s leading gold bullion coins from their respective launches until 2014.

The site contains 140 sections and supplements published over a period of eight years until its suspension in 2014.

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Includes information on how to buy and sell gold bars

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International Gold Bar Registers - 10 Supplements
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Industry Collection

The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide
Custodian: Degussa Goldhandel GmbH - Germany

Gold Publications by Nigel Desebrock

In 2011, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) published a Bibliography that contained a “crème de la crème list of important books”, relating to precious metals.

Nigel’s four books below were included in the LBMA Bibliography.

As a service to the gold industry, they can now be downloaded for personal reference – at no charge:

  • Gold Refiners & Bars Worldwide
    1991 – 476 pages
  • The Industry Catalogue of Gold Bars Worldwide
    1998 – 344 pages
  • The Industry Catalogue of Gold Bullion Coins
    1999 – 380 pages
  • An Introduction to the Indian Gold Market
    2002 – 192 pages

Another book by Nigel Desebrock:

  • Gold Refiners and Bars in the Russian Federation
    2010 – 100 pages

To obtain further information and access the books, click here.

Examples of Supplements & Updates

12/2014 Shandong Zhaojin (China)
Major manufacturer of gold bars for the Chinese market.

11/2014 Shanghai Gold Exchange (China)
An introduction to Shanghai Good Delivery gold ingots and bars.

10/2014 Rand Refinery (South Africa)
New range of minted gold investment bars.

09/2014 MMTC-PAMP (India)
The first refiner in India to issue London Good Delivery gold bars. Mints British gold sovereigns for the Indian market under licence from The Royal Mint.

08/2014 London Good Delivery Gold Bars
Features 57 x 400 oz gold bars from 21 countries. Annual update.

08/2014 Metalor (Singapore)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

08/2014 Republic Metals (USA)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

08/2014 Kilobar Compendium
A handbook on kilobars for the international gold market. Annual update.

07/2014 Gold Bullion Coins
Supplements on national bullion coins all updated to include 2013 sales/mintage statistics, broken down by size of coin.

07/2014 Meskuk & Ziynet (Turkey)
Turkey has been the world’s leading manufacturer of gold bullion coins in most years since 2000.

05/2014 Degussa (Germany)
Gold bars for the European market.

05/2014 Relocation of Industry Collection
Degussa (Germany) is the new Custodian of The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide.

04/2014 Commerzbank (Germany)
Bank’s online service for gold investors.

04/2014 IKOI (Italy)
Modern machines to manufacture gold bars.

02/2014 C.Hafner (Germany)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

12/2013 Certiline (Italy)
Manufactures tamper-proof security packaging for minted gold bars.

10/2013 Zijin Mining (China)
The largest gold producer in China. Manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

08/2013 Argor-Heraeus (Switzerland)
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of gold kinebars®.

07/2013 Valcambi (Switzerland)
“Green Gold” bars contain traceable gold.

05/2013 PX Precinox (Switzerland)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

05/2013 Gold Vending Machines (Germany)
Gold ATMs that offer gold bars. An international initiative of Ex Oriente Lux AG.

02/2013 Al Etihad (Dubai)
Manufacturer of Dubai Good Delivery gold bars.

02/2013 The Great Wall Gold & Silver Refinery (China)
Oldest established gold refiner and bar manufacturer in China.

02/2012 Solartech (Taiwan)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

05/2011 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)
The largest bank in China. Services gold bar investors through 7,000 branches.

05/2011 Valcambi Combibar™ (Switzerland)
Innovative 50 g minted gold bar offers option to detach 50 x 1 g bars.

03/2011 Hong Kong Good Delivery Tael Gold Bars
Accredited 5 tael gold bars bear the official stamp of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society.

Unsolicited Comments on Gold Bars Worldwide

I think very highly of your project and frankly have been using it more than ever as a point of reference for some questions asked.
Former Chairman of LBMA

This is an important website for us – the Wikipedia of gold players.
Rand Refinery (South Africa)

Thank you for the hard work to edit the information about our refinery. We have read it, and article is very accurate and detailed.
The Great Wall Gold & Silver Refinery (China)

Thank you for a brilliant supplement ... we keep learning from your effort.

I have a quick run through the Panda Coin file. I think it is excellent information.
World Gold Council (Far East)

We can confirm our support of your excellent website.
Johnson Matthey Gold & Silver Refining (USA)

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